A few days ago we announced a contest to all the subscribers to our free on-line newsletter….and we are excited to announce our winner!

Our contest question was…..
Soon, we will be getting a new neighbor next to our Winter Park Studio. The first person to correctly give the correct answer from the list below wins a $100.00 Christopher Yates Portrait Gift Certificate and a $20.00 gift certificate to spend at the new business when it opens!

a) French Bakery
b) Children’s Clothing Boutique
c) Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt
d) Travel Agency

40% of entrants guessed Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt, 30% guessed Children’s Clothing Boutique, 20% French Bakery and 10% chose Travel Agency.
The correct answer is French Bakery and our winner is the Perez Family. Congratulations! They will have fun using the $100 towards portraits from their senior portrait session!

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